A Tribute to Sally Nixon (nee Miller)

Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon

1991 stood out as the year of greatest achievements for Sally.  It was the Silver Anniversary of Marden and the year in which we stood to set a record by winning the State A grade aggregate for 10 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!

Sally was also the coach of the Senior National Team in 1991.  Unfortunately during this time Sally was diagnosed with breast cancer.  However, despite surgery and intensive chemo-therapy, Sally continued her teaching commitments with outstanding success.  Her Senior National Team won every item (which to this day has not been repeated at National Level by South Australia) and both her Intermediate and Senior teams at Marden won all their items performed for that year.

Sally was an innovator and trendsetter in calisthenics.  She was an inspirational leader, mentor, tutor and most of all friend to hundreds of girls over the years.  Her leadership, dedication, inspiration and hard work kept Marden at the forefront of calisthenics for more than a decade.

1994 saw the end of a successful association between Sally and Marden.  The results achieved by Sally on a personal, state and national level are second to none and it is difficult to imagine anyone equalling them.  Sally had not taught an unplaced item since 1983 and her Intermediate and Senior teams had never been unplaced.

Unfortunately Sally lost her fight to cancer in February 2000.  She will always be remembered for her infectious laugh, sense of humour, her beautiful smile and the wonderful person that was Sally Nixon.  She taught us more than Calisthenics.  Sally taught us how to be a wonderful friend, how to remain positive under adverse circumstances and how to live for the moment.

May we remain …. Friends for Life!