Coach Profiles

NikkiMiss Nikki – Tinies, Subbies and Junior Head Coach

I began Calisthenics at Marden when I was 2 years old and competed for 26 years. I enjoyed Calisthenics over those years for a number of reasons, however most importantly the friendships made, performing on stage and successful team work. I am thankful to have been taught by many talented coaches who have made me the coach I am today.

Calisthenics played a huge part in my life as well as my sisters Miss Melissa’s and still does today. My passion of coaching and giving back what I have learnt over the years is so important to me and one I want to continue for as long as I can. I began assisting in Juniors at a young age and became a fully qualified coach in 2000. Over the 16years of coaching I have taught Tinies through to Seniors, Solos, Graceful Girls, Duos and Calisthenics Skills. All teams I have taught at Marden have been extremely successful, winning many aggregates. Over my years coaching at Marden, I have been extremely fortunate to take my teams to Ballarat winning the Junior Champ aggregates in 2009 and 2012.  As well as coaching at Marden, I have coached 4 CASA Ballarat teams and more recently 10 CASA National Teams. I have won 8 National titles with my teams and Reserve Aggregate twice. For 2017, I am coaching the SA Junior National Team and looking forward to the Nationals in Sydney. I was honoured to receive an inaugural ‘Outstanding Coaching Award’ from the ACF at the nationals in 2010.

When not coaching Cali, I am teaching at school.  I hold an Early Years Degree in Education, which works extremely well with Calisthenics. I love working with young children seeing them learn daily and grow. I also spend a lot of time with my Nieces Sofia and Scarlett and my nephew Harrison. Calisthenics is a sport which my family and I love and invest so much time into and something that can be passed onto generation after generations. I am especially lucky to have shared it with all of my family with Mum and Dad still involved backstage and making costumes. I am so thrilled that Sofia has started Calisthenics in Tinies and I look forward to seeing her enjoy the sport as much as my sister and I have.

In the last four years I have completed my cadetship as an Adjudicator and I am now a fully qualified Callisthenics Adjudicator. I am looking forward to continuing this in the future. I have made so many friends thorough Calisthenics, however something that is very special is to be coaching with my sister Miss Melissa and my dear friend Miss Cassie. We began Calisthenics together in Babies and still enjoy this fabulous sport today as coaches.

KylieMiss Kylie – Tinies and Subbie Coach

I began calisthenics when I was 2 years old and I am still competing (I am going into my 28th year of competing). Calisthenics is an important part of my life, I really enjoy the time spent at practice with my friends and being a part of a successful team. I am very grateful and thankful for the experiences I have had as a competitor throughout my many years of competing.

My Calisthenics coaching journey started 12 years ago, beginning with assisting teams across the different age sections. Over the past 5 years as a coach at Marden, I have taught both in the Sub-Junior and Tinies sections. As well as coaching at Marden, I have been lucky enough to be a 2nd assistant coach of 3 Sub-Junior National teams and last year I was the Sub-Junior Darwin Development Team coach. I also enjoy coaching solos and gracefuls. For 2017, I am the 1st assistant coach of the Sub-Junior National team, I am looking forward to the year ahead and the competitions in Sydney.

When I am not at Calisthenics, I am working as a Year 4 teacher. This works very well with my Calisthenics coaching and knowing how to get the best out of the all the pupils I teach. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and travelling the world over the Christmas holidays.

TaylaMiss Tayla – Tinies Coach

I began Cali at Marden when I was 4 ½ years old and have loved every second since! I started assisting teams when I was in inters which turned into a love for coaching and helping girls to achieve their best. I then became a coach in 2015.

Outside of Cali I have just finished a education degree and will be completing further study before becoming a high school maths and home economics teacher. I spend my spare time taking as many extra dance classes as possible and reading as many books as I can!


TarynMiss Taryn – Junior Coach

I began calisthenics at the age of 3 and am currently in my 17th year of competing. Calisthenics has always been apart of my family with my mum, aunty and cousins taking part in the sport for many years. Throughout my years of participation I have always been at Marden and I am very proud to be apart of such an amazing club and be taught by some amazing coaches.

I began my coaching career as an assistant at the age of 13. I worked with the junior section for 7 years developing my coaching skills before becoming a registered coach in 2015. I love coaching as I am able to help pupils achieve their best; the improvement a pupil goes through from the beginning of the year compared to the end of the year is very inspiring and to know you had a hand in that improvement, it is a very good feeling.

Outside of Cali, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Mathematical Science at the University of Adelaide. I am very passionate about Maths and learning all there is about mathematics. Outside of uni, I take part in Ballet classes and like to draw in my down time.

Miss Emma – Tinies Coach

I commenced Calisthenics in 2000 when I was 3 years of age however started my journey at Marden in 2007 as a junior and have been competing at State and National level ever since. This year will mark my 10th year at our club as well as my 10th year representing the state at the National Championship in the Senior section. I began assisting with teams in 2013 when I was an Intermediate and have absolutely loved helping the younger girls at our club ever since!
Calisthenics has been a huge part of my life as well as my family’s and is something I will always cherish dearly. I am so blessed to have parents who continually support me and work back stage as well as sew up our gorgeous costumes. My main love for the sport stems from the friendships I have made along the way. Competing with my best friends is something so special that I am very fortunate to continually experience. I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing club and have had the opportunity to be taught by many of our very talented coaches.
Not only do I participate in Calisthenics I also have been involved with Ballet for the past 10 years which is something I enjoy outside of the Cali to help improve my technique and strength. I am also currently in my 2nd year of studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media at the University of South Australia. I have a passion for the growing technological world and one-day hope to have a career in this growing community!